IRON BOY POWERLIFTING was established in 2001 to provide a quality powerlifting environment where lifters could compete. In 2006 the IBP instituted a substance abuse policy and began to aggressively promote drug free powerlifting. It is our belief that many athletes are in danger of falling into what some call the “dark side” because our society as a whole seems to have become apathetic towards the near epidemic use of performance enhancing drugs. These drugs can cause serious physical damage but also have the capability of destroying lives. We are concerned that this problem has also eroded the integrity of athletics. Because of this we have established an IBP Value System.

“Commitment to Values” is not just a trendy slogan at IRON BOY POWERLIFTING. It is our attitude and perspective regarding athletics and life. The IBP is committed to promoting genuine unadulterated fair competition within powerlifting.

Strength - We believe strength can be measured in many ways. Although we encourage physical strength and the pursuance of “being the best you can be”, we also believe our values should be strong. The IBP is making a strong stand against the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. It is our belief that the use of performance enhancing drugs can be unhealthy, unethical and in some cases illegal.

Integrity - The IBP stands for and believes in the athlete’s fundamental right to compete on a level playing field. Integrity should always be an essential component of athletic competition. The integrity of competition in many sports has been threatened by the athletes and coaches who elect to use illegal drugs in order to enhance their chances of winning. This “win at all cost” attitude has caused many athletes to abandon their own integrity as well as the integrity of their sport.

Equality - The IBP is committed to equal treatment of its members. All IBP members are very important regardless of their status in any respective sport or profession. The IBP is committed to the idea that the “average every day athlete” is equal to their more accomplished counterparts. Every athlete is equal.

Honesty – The IBP is dedicated to a high ethical standard. We believe it is of the utmost importance to be honest and truthful in all dealings with each other.


IBP Referee is an honorable position requiring those who engage in it to have strong moral character and integrity. Every IBP referee carries a responsibility to act in a manner becoming a professional person. The conduct of any official influences the attitude of the public toward the IBP in general as well as toward the referee in particular. Referees must at all times be fair minded and courageous. They are expected to uphold and adhere to the IBP CODE OF CONDUCT FOR OFFICIALS.

It takes a special person to be an IBP referee. IBP referees shoulder a great responsibility to guarantee fair competition and to ensure competitors lift by the rules in a safe manner. In addition referees bear great responsibility for promoting public confidence in Iron Boy Powerlifting.

Officiating takes a great deal of preparation, continuing education and commitment of time. These things will allow us to be the best official we can be.
The following are the principles, values, standards, or rules of behavior that guide the decisions, procedures and systems of the IBP official.


Act in a professional and businesslike manner at all times and take your role seriously.

Place the safety and welfare of the participants above all else. Strive to provide a safe and sportsmanlike environment in which athletes can properly execute the lifts.

Know all regulations and rules, their interpretations and proper application. He / she must devote time, thought and study to the rules and the mechanics necessary to carry out these rules so that one may render effective and credible service in a fair and unbiased manner.

Remember that referees are "teachers." Set good examples.

Make your calls with confidence, never with arrogance.

Control lifting only to the extent that is necessary to enforce rules and provide a positive safe experience for all lifters.

Keep your emotions under control. Never use foul or vulgar language when speaking with a lifter, coach or parent.

Misconduct and / or offensive language must never be tolerated. Adopt a "zero tolerance" attitude toward verbal or physical abuse.

Answer all reasonable questions and requests. Use honesty and integrity when answering questions.

Admit your mistakes when you make them.

Be fair and impartial at all times. Hold and maintain the basic tenets of officiating which include integrity, neutrality, respect, consistency, sensitivity, professionalism, discretion and tactfulness.

Never openly criticize a coach, lifter or other official. Shall display and execute superior communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal.

Emphasize the spirit of powerlifting rather than the errors.

Compliment and encourage all participants.

Use only IBP approved officiating techniques and policies.

Dedicate yourself to personal improvement and maintenance of officiating skills.

Respect your IBP Referee Chairman and his/her critique of your performance.

Work with fellow officials and the IBP organization in a spirit of harmony and cooperation in spite of differences of opinion that may arise during debate of points or rules at issue.

Must resist every temptation and outside pressure to use one's position as a referee to benefit oneself. Under all circumstances, referees must avoid promoting the special interest of any person or group of persons other than the athletes we serve.

Must constantly uphold the honor and dignity of the avocation in all personal conduct and relations with the student-athletes, coaches, athletic directors, school administrators, colleagues, and the public, to be a worthy example to the athletes under one's jurisdiction.

Must be free of obligation to any interest other than the impartial and fair judging of powerlifting competitions. Without equivocation, referee decisions, which are slanted by personal bias, are dishonest and unacceptable.

Give all lifters a 'fair go' regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

Recognize that anything, which may lead to a conflict of interest, either real or apparent, must be avoided. Gifts, favors, special treatment, privileges, which can compromise the perceived impartiality of officiating must be avoided.

Will be prepared both physically and mentally, dress accordingly to expectations and maintain a proper appearance that is befitting the importance of the event.

Remember and recognize that it is important to honor agreements made with other IBP officials or event directors. Shall be punctual and professional in the fulfillment of all obligations.

Will ensure and maintain a sports environment for all participants that is free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, and I will refrain from their use at all sports events.

Interpersonal communications.
Situation management.
Knowledge of the rules.
Understanding of the sport.
Sense of humor.
Courage and confidence.

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